Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UCSD Instructors

Head Instructors

Steven Carter, 4th dan
Stephanie Siu, 3rd dan
Stephanie joined UCSD Yongmudo Hapkido winter quarter of 2004. She is an alumni of UCSD with a BS in Computer Engineering and received a MS in Systems Engineering through George Washington University. She works in San Diego as a software engineer.
David Lu, 2nd dan

Assistant Instructors

Lindsay Claverie, 2nd dan
Lindsay joined UCSD Hapkido as an undergraduate in the spring of 2007 under the tutelage of Rob Brown and Sandy Hashima and later, Uyen Ngo and Stephanie Siu. She graduated from UCSD in June 2010 with a BA each in Psychology and Japanese Studies and is currently working in San Diego.
David Stowitts, 1st dan
Lindsay joined UCSD Hapkido as an graduate student after starting Hapkido at UC Davis.

Emeritus Instructors
Rob Brown, 5th dan
Sandy Hashima, 4th dan
Uyen Ngo, 3rd dan
Uyen was in the first cohort of students at UCSD Yongmudo Hapkido (2002) under Dr. Rob Brown and Sandy Hashima. She is the second (tied with Richard McDonough) to achieve the rank of "certified beginner" (1st dan black belt) at UCSD. Uyen graduated from UCSD with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Biology, and is pursuing a Masters in Public Health at UCLA. Uyen will continue to visit UCSD as her studies allow.
David Kim, 1st dan
Michael Yu, 1st dan

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